How to Prepare for a Business Event

With the New Venture Championship competition less than 24 hours away, anxious feelings of anticipation are sure to be running high among the graduate business student community. Not only does this event present an opportunity for the winner to expand their ideas, but it also presents a chance for students to get their name out there among the greater Portland business community. As always with an event such as this, there are certain preparations in the hours leading up to the competition that can be taken to make the whole experience easier.

1. Have your resumes handy. It never hurts to have a few resumes or business cards on hand in case you make a connection with someone at NVC. Don’t present them to everyone, but if the timing and relationship is right, who knows? You might meet your next employer!

2. Research your judges. After the first day of competition, it is a good idea to research the people judging you. Nothing big—you do not need to know how many cats he or she has—but having some knowledge about where each judge works or what his or her credentials are couldn’t hurt.

3. Avoid the late nights. This one seems like a no-brainer. Even at the event, in order to be the best “you” possible, avoid the late night bar visits. Of course it is a good idea to go out and grab a drink with your teammates and fellow competitors to relax, but keep an eye on the clock!

4. Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual. This extra time will allow you to have some time to yourself before you are in competition mode. So, go ahead, browse the New York Times over your morning cup of joe before your roommates wake up. The extra time to breathe will bode well later in the day.

5. Don’t stress. You have been preparing for this event for months on end, so you’re as ready as you’ll ever be. Cut the late night presentation sessions—it’s time to face the music: are you ready for NVC, or not?

Written by Nicole Hyslop


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