Are You Ready For The Next Step?

Teams have submitted their Intents to Compete/Qualifying Executive Summaries and are anxiously waiting to hear if they were one of 20 teams chosen to advance to the semifinal round. On March 10, Oregon NVC will announce the teams selected for the semifinals.

Each plan selected for the semifinal round is evaluated and rated according to the judges’ criteria on the NVC web page. Semifinal plans are then seeded into five tracks with a goal of achieving balanced tracks across all teams. For more information visit the NVC website and FAQ page.

Once teams are chosen for the semifinals, each team is required to submit its business plan by March 24.

As your team waits to hear whether you will advance to the semifinal round, ask yourself, “What steps are we taking to prepare for the round?” Here are some self-evaluation questions for your group to ponder:

  • Are you ready for the next step if selected for the semifinals?
  • What are the areas in which you can most improve?
  • How fluid is your pitch? Would everyday people understand your idea?
  • Is your business plan compelling but thorough?
  • Does your slideshow look appealing and provide judges with the best information?

Always follow the guidelines and requirements posted on the Oregon NVC website.

Written By Nic Corpora


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