International Spotlight

New Venture Championship prides itself on its identification as one of the premier international business plan competitions in the United States. As recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the top 15 small business plan competitions in the U.S., NVC is rapidly stretching its influence across the water to international applicants. With this in mind, we look at a prime resource for students with a business plan around the world — Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) takes place around the third week of November each year and consists of roughly 30,000 competitions around the world. These competitions range from Startup Weekend, which takes place in 15 cities, to the 22 country-wide CleanTech Open—which featured Oregon’s very own Arcimoto in 2010. GEW is an opportunity for students to connect with professionals who provide feedback for their ideas and endeavors, via international competitions as well as online and personal interactions.

The idea behind GEW is to connect young entrepreneurs with business professionals in their area and across the nation. Students are provided with feedback about their ideas and endeavors in hopes that they will find success in business plan competitions similar to NVC. Brazil ranked at the top of the participation list during the 2010 GEW with more than 7 million active participants and about 4,000 events. After only two years of existence, GEW continues to grow into a well-known event across student entrepreneur groups throughout the world.

New Venture Championship is not a GEW-sponsored event; however, they each represent an opportunity for feedback and success. Visit the website for Global Entrepreneurship Week to peruse the variety of opportunities that will be available each November, and plan your start in the world of global entrepreneurship today!


Written By Nicole Hyslop


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