Tips for Standing Out Among Competition

The idea of presenting a business plan can be daunting and overwhelming for most people.  Even more, immense pressure is added when you realize that you will be not only be presenting but competing with other strong business groups with great innovative ideas and passion for accomplishing their goal. For this competition, it is important to not only have an outstanding business plan and present well, but to stand out among competition and be just a bit brighter and more confident. Here are a few tips that are important reminders on how to stand out among competition and have a great presentation:

1. Demand attention in the room. It is important, when presenting, to speak confidently, clearly and with enthusiasm.  Be interesting; you need to speak with passion, energy and excite the crowd with your fantastic ideas. When you speak with enthusiasm and passion, the audience will develop positive associations with your plan. If you show you are passionate and excited, they will be too.

2. Have less text in your plan. Your business plan should show graphics, charts, visuals and tables. You need to not only be able to tell but show what makes this plan great and why it works. Only using words, the plan can be empty, but data and tables and graphics prove that your plan is more than just research but something implementable and understandable. Plus, it makes it interesting and enjoyable to read. A diagram will make more sense than a long wordy paragraph.

3. Take risks. Good business plans anticipate possible challenges and hurdles. It is important to plan for a variety of scenarios to deal with possible obstacles. Creating a business plan is not about avoiding risks, but understanding possible challenges and managing them in a proactive manner.

4. Maintain your uniqueness. It is important to understand and research competition, but make sure you stick with what makes you unique and different. Learn from your competitors’ strengths, but don’t model yourself after them. Understand their past mistakes and work to avoid similar ones. Research the competition and use that information to improve your plan.

5. Get other opinions. You can benefit greatly from presenting the business plan to multiple professionals in the industry. It is important that you use the resources and the intelligent people around you to create the best plan and presentation possible. Just a few constructive comments could really improve upon and impact your plan to touch upon a point you never realized. Plus, the more you practice,the better and more confident you become.


Written By Tara Gremillion


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